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More than Wool

Our products start and end with wool. It truly is at the heart of everything we endeavour to do. It is thanks to the heart of our business that we are able to commit to the decisions we make regarding cruelty free wool, our environmental and social impact and the responsibilities we have to the world. But we are more than just that. Let’s take a look at how we are more than wool.

Our community

Our family-owned business can be found along the foothills of the Himalayas in the valleys of Kathmandu. This is where we create our sustainable felt products. This location is well-known for its history and the particular skills its people has when it comes to working with wool. It is the perfect place for our felt slippers, that were inspired by the Siberian Valenki, to be made.

Handmade products are at the heart of our company. This is why all of our products are designed and made by the people who know the techniques we use best. Our local team of felt specialists use centuries old techniques to create our felt slippers and other felt products. These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. The Nepalese people have used their woollen products for centuries. These products keep them and their families comfortable when it is cold both inside and outside. They know exactly what they’re doing and without their expertise we wouldn’t be able to bring our products to life.

Creating felt shoes

Creating felt products is a time consuming task. It begins with preparing the wool to be used. Once the wool is clean it is carded. Warm, soapy water is used to layer the clean wool on top of each other. It is then intertwined to create the soft, warm felted bodies of the shoes.

The next part of the process is washing, drying and hammering the seamless booties. Our local team do this in a way that that moulds the fibres into cohesive, virtually indestructible shoes. Each shoe is unique and can be traced back to which person made it. This is why each shoe in a pair of felt shoes is made by the same person.

To be able to do all of these steps and do them well each member of our team has special wool-working tools. These tools are based off designs created millennia ago. Thanks to the skills given down from father to son and from mother to daughter our felt specialists use designs, tools and the mindset their ancestors had to create the most beautiful felt products.

Once the slippers are shaped and have been fashioned into a certain size the finishing touches are added. It’s these finishing touches that define our felt products from any others. Thanks to our local team each pair of felt slippers, shoes and other felt products are unique. This makes them perfect gifts for loved ones or for yourself.

Help us help our community

We are grateful that the way people shop is changing slowly. People no longer shop for fun. They shop with a cause. Searching for the best products that are made in ethical ways has become quite commonplace. If our products don’t fit with your style, you probably wouldn’t have happened upon our shop. We are sure that our products will find the right people. People that are not only looking for the perfect gift but that are also looking for a way to change the world. By purchasing products from our store and promoting our products to friends, relatives and business partners that have the same values you have, you are helping us support our community.

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